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Marina Special Offers

  • $50.00 Daily/Nightly slip Rentals (includes the launch fee)
  • Free pump-out at gas docks at both Lake Country and Eagle Mountain Marina.
  • Sign-up for dry rack storage, and receive free valet service and weekend slips (only available at Lake Country Marina.)
  • New and existing decks are $0.50 per sq. monthly.
  • Need a boat product/wakeboard/oils etc. Order it right in our Marina Store and receive within 2 business days from Port Supply at no additional shipping charge!
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Annual Parade of Lights

Importance of Battery Maintenance

A large part of battery care is making sure the connections remain clean and tight. Also, be sure the battery is properly secured when the boat is underway.

Batteries require periodic servicing, so a definite maintenance program will help ensure extended life. A failure to maintain the battery in good order can prevent it from properly charging or properly performing its job even when fully charged. Low levels of electrolyte in the cells, loose or dirty cable connections at the battery terminals or possibly an excessively dirty battery top can all contribute to an improperly functioning battery. So battery maintenance, first and foremost, involves keeping the battery full of electrolyte, properly charged and keeping the casing/connections clean of corrosion or debris. If a battery charges and tests satisfactorily but still fails to perform properly in service, one of three problems could be the cause.

Leaving an accessory on overnight or for a long period of time can discharge a battery.
Using more electrical power than the alternator/regulator, stator assembly and/or lighting coil can replace will slowly drain the battery during motor operation, resulting in an undercharged condition.

A defect in the charging system will allow the battery to discharge without replacing the lost voltage. A faulty stator assembly or lighting coil, defective regulator or rectifier or high resistance somewhere in the system could cause the battery to become undercharged.

Boat Club & Watersports

For a limited time, we are offering a special for new members that sign up for the Captains or Admiral levels. When you sign-up and pay the $2000 (plus tax) initiation fee and 1-month deposit, you will receive an extended membership without monthly membership dues until April 2017. Your membership will run until March 31, 2018. That is 8 months of free membership!!

Contact Mike at 469-323-0645 to take part in this unbeatable offer.

Or…Sign-up and pay a $500 (plus tax) initiation fee, and have the regular monthly membership dues for the 1-year membership.**
**Prior rental dollars cannot be applied to these offers.

Your Gateway to the Boating Lifestyle

Suntex Boat Club is dedicated to providing you with premium boats to have the best time possible on the water. Whether you are an avid fisherman or wakeboarder we have the right equipment ready for you.

Contact Mike at 469-323-0645 to set up your tour at any of our locations in DFW.

Also, as a member of Suntex Boat Club, you will receive special invites out to our locations in DFW for special events, member appreciation get-togethers and fundraisers!

Contact Rob Cunningham, DFW Membership Director, with all referrals or questions:
Email: [email protected] or Phone: 469-404-3852